New York wants to celebrate Corona confetti parade

USA – The US metropolis of New York wants to celebrate the people involved in the fight against the corona pandemic with a large confetti parade. The “Hometown Heroes Parade” is planned for July 7th, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday.

Last April – at the height of the pandemic in New York – de Blasio had promised “the biggest, best parade” for when the pandemic in the metropolis was under control. “When the day comes when we can start the vibrant, beautiful life of this city again, the first thing we will do is a confetti parade for our health and rescue workers,” the mayor said at the time. “We will honor those who saved us.”

The tradition of the so-called “Ticker-Tape-Parades” in New York goes back to the opening of the Statue of Liberty in 1886. Back then, stock exchange traders spontaneously threw stock market ticker paper strips – so-called ticker tapes – out of their windows at the parade. Since then, sports teams or famous people have been celebrated with confetti parades.

The end of the restrictions due to the corona pandemic is also to be celebrated in New York in August with a big concert in Central Park. The east coast metropolis was the epicenter of the corona pandemic in the USA last spring. The infection process is now under control and the vaccination campaign is making rapid progress.



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