New York unveils new logo “We ♥ NYC” at Times Square, bidding adieu to the iconic “I ♥ NY”

New York- Until now the insignia of the Big Apple was “I ♥ NY” (“I love New York”)logo that was created by the designer Milton Glaser which he sketched on the back of an envelope while riding in a cab for a 1977 campaign to promote tourism in New York state.

The purpose of that logo was to accentuate both nature as culture in the stateas well as, in turn, encourage tourism and vacation businesses, because at that time the state was going through an economic crisis, there was also a high level of unemployment and violence was at a record level.

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Derech Maddineni, who works in a souvenir shop that sells postcards, magnets and mugs with the iconic “I ♥ NY” logo, said he likes the new version better.

$!New York City launched its new We Love NYC logo.

New York City launched its new “We Love NYC” logo.

I like the ‘we’ part because it encompasses everyone”, Maddineni assured Agencia EFE and added, “Makes me feel like I’m already a part of this town”.

On the other hand, unlike in the 1970s, New York’s tourism industry, which is now valued at $85 billion, and even though the lights didn’t go out during the COVID-19 pandemic, the streets were empty as well as restaurants and hotels, which caused this industry to suffer a lot.

In the opinion of Kathy Hochul, Governor of the State of New York, during the presentation of the new logo, “this campaign is not just words. It is not a simple slogan. It is not a logo. It’s a spirit, a spirit that needs to come alive through each one of us.”.

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$!View of the new We Love NYC logo in the iconic Times Square section of New York.

View of the new “We Love NYC” logo in the iconic Times Square section of New York.

While for, Eric Adams, mayor of the city, “We Love New York” spreads a strong message: “That we love each other and we love our country”.

Not so for Napoleón Hernández, a Mexican who has lived in Brooklyn since 2000, who is not convinced by the new logo, “I think (the new slogan) is on the side of trying to create that union, but it’s very superficial, it’s not really fixing things in the background”.

Likewise, Anthony Ptak, who was born more than 50 years ago in Brooklyn and now lives in Manhattan, believes that this new logo does not convey anything to him, “maybe it means something to someone outside of New York. Maybe that’s why the mayor or whoever proposed this decided that we should make it more plural and universalPtack explained.

The person in charge of creating this logo for the new campaign is Graham Cliffordand indicated that his idea was “give a more modern touch” to the emblematic symbol, embodied in t-shirts, key rings, stickers and all kinds of “merchandasing”.

With information from the EFE Agency.

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