For this semester, New York University students will have the opportunity to take a course dedicated to the music of King’s wool. A lesson called Topics in Recorded Music: Lana Del Rey which will be held by journalist and author Kathy Iandoli between October 20 and December 8 at the Clive Davis Institute.

“In eight critically acclaimed albums, this eight-time Grammy-nominated artist has introduced a baroque and melancholy version of dream pop that has helped transform and reinvent the sound (and color) of mainstream music over the decades. 2010”, we can read in the description of the course transmitted by Variety.

Universities open to pop stars

“Through striking visuals and her focus on mental health and the toxic loves and wounds they cause, Lana Del Rey has provided a new platform for artists of all genres to create an” anti-pop “that can go mainstream. falling first in the bubblegum pop category, “the description continues, the adjective” bubblegum “is used to describe music that is branded to appeal to a teen or preteen audience.

Year after year, more and more courses are dedicated to contemporary pop stars in American universities. Last year the Clive Davis Institute already offered a course dedicated to Taylor Swiftwhile a course on Harry Styles will be taught in the second semester of this academic year at Texas State University.

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