New York to cancel contracts with Trump Organization

The city of NY will end all business with Trump Organization after the president, Donald Trump, will encourage a crowd to attack the Capitol in Washington, said the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio.

“The contracts make it very clear: if the leadership of a company engages in illegal activities, we have the right to terminate the contract”Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday in an appearance on MSNBC. “Incite a insurrection against the United States Government clearly constitutes criminal activity ”.

The FBI detected new armed protests for the inauguration of Joe Biden

The Emails sent to the Trump Organization seeking an answer were not immediately returned.

New York will join a flood of companies that refuse to work with the president after riots on Capitol Hill last week. Deutsche Bank, the PGA of America and real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield have already turned their backs on it, and a slew of corporations vow to end contributions to Trump supporters in Congress.

Trump Organization Has More Than $ 17 Million In Contracts With New York City. Many of them are for iconic tourist attractions, such as a golf course, a carousel, and two ice rinks. One of them, the Wollman skating rink in Central Park, generated $ 9.4 million in revenue for the Trump Organization, according to its most recent financial reports.

Trump’s impeachment for “incitement to violence” is in the hands of Congress

The Administration will notify the Trump Organization that the city will cancel its agreements to operate the Central Park carousel, the Wollman and Lasker skating rinks, and the Ferry Point golf course for the reasons mentioned. Contracts for the carousel and ice rinks would end in the coming weeks. The process to finalize the contract with the Ferry Point golf course is more detailed and expected to take months, de Blasio said in a statement.

De Blasio noted that lThe city will choose new providers to operate the concessions in the park. “They will probably sue us in court. We are on a solid legal basis, ”he said. “We will have new providers come in and take over quickly.”


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