New York Times Report – Did Trump Spy on Democrats? – Politics abroad

This possible scandal is shaking political Washington. It sounds a bit like Watergate 2.0.

The Justice Department, led by then President Donald Trump (74), had the online data of two leading members of the Democrats confiscated in 2018 – it smells like espionage!

The first reported the “New York Times”. Accordingly, two members of the US secret service committee were affected. According to a representative of the committee, the Trump administration was officially pursuing “leaks” in the course of the revelations and investigations into the US president’s Russia affair.

For this purpose, representatives of the Justice Department summoned the company “Apple” under threat of punishment in order to obtain the data from a total of twelve people. Among those affected:

► The then chairman of the secret service committee, the high-ranking democrat Adam Schiff (60).

► In addition, the data of the Californian House of Representatives Eric Swallwell (40, Democrat) was passed on.

Another scandal: The data of personal advisors and family members (including a minor child) are said to have been handed over. Apple briefed the committee on what had happened last month.

► House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi called the revelations on Thursday (local time) “shocking”. This approach is “another egregious attack by the former president on our democracy”.

► Adam Schiff said in a short statement: “I believe that we need more answers”. The cases that have emerged so far would suggest that a “corrupt president” had “armed” law enforcement agencies.



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