“New York Times” recommends Salzburg as a travel destination to its readers

The “New York Times” recommends 52 places worldwide. The newspaper highlights Salzburg not only because of Mozart, but above all because of the festival anniversary year, the “baroque splendor” and the “excellent schnitzel”.

The “New York Times” recommends Leipzig, Salzburg and Oberammergau as three of a total of 52 travel destinations in 2020 (“52 Places to Go in 2020”). Leipzig called the newspaper the “cool-kid town” (city of cool people). The Saxon metropolis is convincing with its modern transformation: “30 years after German reunification, the once dreary factories in Leipzig were replaced by lofts, galleries, workshops, clubs and restaurants.” The lively cultural scene and nightlife of the city, which is also home to tens of thousands of students, are highlighted. “The new Berlin” has not forgotten its roots and will also highlight its industrial history in an exhibition in 2020.

In addition to cities such as Washington, Paris, Tokyo, Lima, Plymouth and Addis Ababa, the Upper Bavarian community of 5000 inhabitants Oberammergau also made it into the ranking, where the Passion Play, which only takes place every ten years, is praised. The approach of a modern staging of the Passion of Christ is emphasized, in which the relevance of Jesus is also emphasized for today. The “New York Times” apparently also thinks it is worth mentioning that the train will still come to Munich late at night.

The “New York Times” highlights Salzburg not only because of their famous composer son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. “The Salzburg Festival, Davos or the Disneyland of classical music are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year”, explains the newspaper and is already looking forward to Anna Netrebko and Cecilia Bartoli. Those who are not interested in it will still find the baroque splendor, the excellent schnitzel, the Bosna, the Untersberg and the Salzburger Nockerl.

Source: dpa

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