“New York Times” calls for voting: “Trump is the US’s most pressing problem” – politics

It is well known that Donald Trump hates almost all media. When he was in hospital with his coronavirus infection, he raged on Twitter in capital letters: “FIGHT THE CORRUPT FAKE NEWS PRESS. VOTES! ”On the weekend, the US president delivered further evidence during the election campaign: He described the“ mainstream media ”as“ enemies of the people ”and accused them of not reporting on“ the world‘s greatest story ”- meaning the alleged corruption of his democratic Challenger Joe Biden, who has an average of ten percentage points ahead in national polls.

One of the favorite enemies of the Republican Trump is the renowned “New York Times” (NYT). The tide had already turned in early October behind Biden posed. Previously, the editorial board of the Washington Post had officially expressed their support for Biden and his vice-candidate Kamala Harris, calling Trump the “worst president of modern times”.

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Now the NYT is stepping up. In a haunting opinion piece, commentators urged the US newspaper to vote out Trump. Under the heading “End our national crisis”, the editorial board writes that Trump’s re-election efforts are “the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.”

The commentators work independently from the newsroom. Your contribution does not refer to specific statements by the President, but to his almost four-year term in office. It continues: “The enormity and variety of Mr. Trump’s offenses can be overwhelming. Repetition has dulled the feeling of outrage and the accumulation of new excitement leaves little time to go into the details. “

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