“New York Times” calls for Trump to be voted out

“Joe Biden is a corrupt politician,” said the Republican on Friday (local time) during a campaign appearance in Ocala, Florida. “And the Biden family is a criminal company.” Meanwhile, commentators for the “New York Times” called on voters to vote out Trump in a haunting opinion piece.

Trump’s re-election efforts were “the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II,” writes the Editorial Board, a group of commentators who work independently of the US newspaper‘s newsroom. “The enormity and variety of Mr. Trump’s offenses can be overwhelming. Repetition has dulled the feeling of indignation and the accumulation of new excitement leaves little time to go into the details.”

Trump’s appearance in Florida is another example of his style overriding norms and customs as president. The 74-year-old accused his rival and his family of getting rich “while America was being robbed”. Trump described the “mainstream media” as “enemies of the people” and accused them of not reporting on “the world‘s greatest story” – referring to the alleged corruption of the Democrat Biden.

Trump supporters chanted “Lock him up” when Biden’s name was mentioned. This is the slogan used by Trump supporters in the election campaign four years ago to present his challenger Hillary Clinton. Trump has been raising corruption allegations against ex-Vice President Biden and his son Hunter for a long time and without evidence, which has now been fired by the tabloid “New York Post”.

In the past few days, the newspaper tried in several articles to link Joe Biden to his son Hunter Biden’s previous deals in Ukraine and China. The paper published e-mails that were supposed to prove that Hunter Biden was trying to profit from his father’s office as Vice President under Barack Obama. The newspaper also evaluated the emails as evidence that, contrary to his testimony, Joe Biden knew about his son’s controversial foreign business. Biden denies that he was guilty of anything. On Friday he called the New York Post articles a “smear campaign”.

The authenticity of the mail has not been confirmed. It is also questionable how they became public. They are said to have been found on a laptop in a repair shop. The “New York Post” said it received a copy of the hard drive a week ago from Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s long-time personal lawyer and confidante. The copy was made by the owner of the repair shop before the laptop was confiscated by the FBI in December 2019, the newspaper reported.

Hunter Biden was a member of the supervisory board of the gas company Burisma between 2014 and 2019. Trump accused Biden, among other things, of having used his office as Vice President to try to protect his son from the Ukrainian judiciary. Biden rejects that. Trump wanted to get investigations in Ukraine. The conflict sparked impeachment proceedings against Trump, which failed in February due to a Republican majority in the Senate.

Trump is behind Biden in national polls. Because of the complicated voting system, these are not meaningful. The spokeswoman for the White House accused the polling institutes on Saturday of influencing public opinion with “inflated” polls. However, ratings published on Friday evening showed that the challenger was also ahead of the game with TV viewers. His 90-minute appearance on ABC was watched by 15.1 million people on Thursday evening, while Trump’s 60-minute appearance on NBC and the affiliated cable channels MSNBC and CNBC was watched by 13.5 million people. The appearances took place in place of the second debate of the presidential candidates, which fell into the water because of Trump’s corona disease.

The “New York Times” writes of Trump that he is “without real rivals as the worst American president in modern history”. The commentators deepen their allegations in further articles using the example of individual topics. Trump’s tenure has shown that he is unable to solve the country’s most pressing problems because he himself is the country’s most pressing problem. He is a “racist demagogue”, an “isolationist” and an “eternal showman”.

The “foundations of American civil society” had already crumbled before Trump announced his candidacy for the presidential candidacy in 2015, the article said. “But he has exacerbated the worst tendencies in American politics: under his leadership the nation has become more polarized, paranoid and mean.” It could take decades for the full extent of his misconduct to come to light. “But what is already known is shocking enough.”

The “New York Times” officially backed Joe Biden in early October. The editorial board of the “Washington Post” had already officially supported Biden and Vice-candidate Kamala Harris and described Trump as the “worst president of the modern age”.


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