“New York Times” calls for Donald Trump to be voted out of office

In a sharp appeal, the New York Times calls for US President Donald Trump to be voted out. The contribution is headed “End Our National Crisis” and comes from the newspaper‘s editorial board – a group of commentators who are independent from the rest of the editorial team. The lesson from Trump’s first term is therefore: “He cannot solve the nation’s most pressing problems because he is the nation’s most pressing problem.”

The text criticizes Trump’s policies in detail over the past four years. Many topics are deepened by accompanying essays, including Trump’s climate and immigration policy and his handling of the corona crisis and the Black Lives Matter protests. In their assessment, the authors repeatedly come to negative superlatives.

  • Trump is therefore “the worst American president in modern history without real rivals”, “a man without integrity” and “unworthy of his office”.

  • His possible re-election represents “the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.”

  • The US president is “a racist demagogue who rules an increasingly diverse country; an isolationist in a connected world; a showman who forever brags about things he has never done and promises things he will never do.”

Even before Trump’s candidacy, the foundations of US civil society were shaky, the authors admit. “But he has reinforced the worst tendencies in American politics. Under his leadership, the nation has become more polarized, paranoid and mean.”

Dulled by many scandals

The outrage over ever new scandals about Trump could lead to dulling, it said. But now a moment has come “when Americans must rediscover this feeling of indignation”. For Republican sympathizers, too, on November 3, it was important to “preserve, protect and defend US democracy by voting”.

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