New York: three police officers injured in attack after race riots

A man willfully stabbed a police officer in the neck and wounded two others in the hands with a gun in New York City. The attacker was described as a 20-year-old Bosnian “practicing Muslim”.

His motivations are still uncertain … Yet a young man, originally from Bosnia, indeed attacked the police on the evening of Wednesday, June 4 in New York. The attack happened just hours after a curfew was put in place to prevent further clashes between police and protesters paying homage to George Floyd. The assailant first stabbed a police officer by surprise in the neck. He then fired several times at two other police officers, who were wounded in the hands in the exchange of shots, reports Le Parisien. Fortunately, the three policemen were only slightly injured. In contrast, the assailant, named Dzenan Camovic, was hospitalized in critical condition after multiple injuries.

Link with racial manifestations?

The head of a police union, Patrick Lynch, said he saw a link with the violence that occurred after the death of George Floyd. The same goes for the Police Benevolent Association: “To Because of the rhetoric we hear, the anti-police rhetoric that takes over our streets, are we surprised? “Asked the director of the organization. ” I am not. We said it was gonna happen », He finished.

The terrorist trail not ruled out

The 20-year-old man is said to be from Bosnia. It would be a ” practicing Muslim “, As revealed by one of his relatives, questioned by investigators. The interlocutor moreover denied in block the terrorist track, Dzenan Camovic is ” absolutely not a terrorist He repeated. However, investigators uncovered anti-police messages left by Dzenan Camovic on social media. They do not neglect this trail. Following the attack, the FBI sent a message of support to New York Police, NYPD: “ The FBI New York is fully engaged. We respond as if one of our own has been attacked, and we will use any available federal law to hold the perpetrator accountable. »


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