New York: the Passes postpone their increase for a few days

augmentation pass New York
Screenshots of official announcements of Pass increases in New York.

Why will the price of Passes increase in New York?

  • If you’re going to New York this year, it’s a great time to buy your Passes! Passes allow you to pay for your entries at a cheaper flat rate than if you had to buy each entry at the normal price. It is their only reason for being! You will find the 6 Passes available in our section dedicated to tourist Passes in New York.
  • As every year, between winter and spring, the Tourist Passes adjust their prices according to the evolution of the prices of the attractions. See our article on the increase announced for February 1, 2023. No precise figure is given this year but, with inflation which rose to 6.5% in the USA in 2022, the Passes should logically increase their prices. of at least 5%.

How to avoid rising prices?

Faced with visitor demand, Pass publishers have decided to grant a little additional time. It is therefore still possible to buy your Passes at the current price, without any increase.

Why buy your Passes on CNEWYORK?

  • Good to know: by buying your Passes in euros directly on our CNEWYORK website, you will also avoid paying exchange fees and bank charges on transactions in dollars! Go to the New York Passes page.
  • You will also receive access to an exclusive help page, in French, which will detail the procedure for making the compulsory reservations required by certain attractions. This is the case for example for the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.
  • And you can pay for your Explorer Pass and your New York Pass with ANCV holiday vouchers.
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