New York, the irresistible – L’Express

And if we started exploring the city by visiting an underestimated place, the Museum of the City of New York, rather than one of the obligatory passages – MoMa, Guggenheim, Times Square or Central Park? At the end of 5th Avenue, at the corner of 104th Street, this little museum is an ideal introduction. In the basement, screened every forty minutes, an excellent educational film summarizes, in English or in French, the vertiginous history of New York: four hundred years … in twenty-eight minutes!

Listen to Axel Gyldén’s podcast, which tells the story of New York of the year, always so hectic, changing and exciting, but much more … feminine (sur SoundCloud).

Travelers in a hurry will appreciate the time savings: you come out with the impression of knowing everything, or at least the essentials. Among other things, the film evokes the time when – something difficult to imagine today – New York, before the creation of New Amsterdam by the Dutch, was a wild land.