New York: the discomfort of a horse revives the debate on horse-drawn carriages

Lhe images of the canasson have made the rounds on social networks. On Wednesday, August 10, when it was 30 degrees in the streets of Manhattan, a horse attached to a carriage collapsed in the middle of the street. The driver then descends and attempts to resuscitate the horse. “Stand up, stand up! he shouts at her, shaking the reins. The animal, exhausted, is unable to recover. Its owner then leaves it on the road. Images of the horse, Ryder, moved and shocked all of America, reports BFMTVenough to relaunch the debate for the banning of tourist carriages.

New York police rushed to the scene to help the animal. Believing that his discomfort was due to the heat, they doused him with a hose and then gave him ice. At the same time, many passers-by witnessed the scene. An hour later, Ryder finally managed to get up, to the cheers of the crowd. He was then transported to a private stable where a vet examined him.

According to Pete Donohue, a union spokesman representing New York carriage carriers, the horse’s discomfort has nothing to do with the carriage transport or the weather conditions. “It wasn’t the heat, it wasn’t the fatigue, it wasn’t an overwork,” he told our colleagues from Metro. Part of the opinion judges otherwise, like the deputy director of NYCLASS, an organization which campaigns for the end of horse-drawn carriages. “We call on the City Council, the mayor, to ban this disgusting animal abuse”, launched Edita Birnkrant on NBC New York.

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