New York Stocks: Wall Street still on record at year-end

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – On the last trading day of the current year, US standard values ​​again reached record highs thanks to a final spurt after a largely sluggish business. However, the volume was significantly lower than usual, as important European stock exchanges remained closed on New Year’s Eve, as on Christmas Eve.

Nevertheless, the Dow Jones jumped to a good 30,637 points in the last few minutes of trading, the highest level in its history. At the end of trading, it rose by 0.65 percent to 30,606.48 meters. The S&P 500, which tracks the broad US stock market, also reached a record high of over 3760 points. From trading, it was 0.64 percent higher at 3756.07 meters. For the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100, which just missed another all-time high, it ended up 0.33 percent to 12,888.28 points.

Experts refer to the ongoing flood of money from central banks and the economic support provided by various governments as an antipole to justify the record mood despite Corona. Concerns about the effects of the pandemic have also recently been dampened by the start of vaccinations in some countries. Fear of Covid-19 abruptly ended investors’ good mood in February and caused panic at times. The Dow Jones fell below 19,000 points at the end of March.

Market-moving news from the economic and corporate world were again in short supply on Thursday. The decline in the number of weekly initial jobless claims surprised the experts positively, but did not result in a noticeable reaction on the stock market.

The best sector in the S&P 500 was utilities (+ 1.59%), with energy stocks at the lower end (-0.81%). The chip giant Intel was at the top of the Dow with a plus of 2.19 percent, while the aircraft manufacturer Boeing was in last place with minus 120 percent.

The euro slipped significantly compared to early European trading and was recently only quoted at 1.2224 US dollars. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate at 1.2271 (Wednesday: 1.2281) dollars. The dollar cost 08149 (0.8143) euros.

On the bond market, the futures contract for ten-year Treasuries (T-Note Future) rose 0.04 percent to 138.02 points. The yield on ten-year bonds fell to 0.917 percent./he



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