New York Stocks End: Dow posts strongest month since 1987

What remains is an extremely strong month. First shaped by the US election and then even more strongly by the vaccine euphoria, the Dow rose 11.8 percent in November, which is the strongest month since 1987. Since Biontech and Pfizer fueled the euphoria on November 9th, the annual balance for the leading index has been positive again. Regardless of the severe virus crisis, the Dow is currently almost four percent up on the previous year.

With the Dow, the market-wide S&P 500 also fell 0.46 percent to 3621.63 points on Monday. The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100, on the other hand, made it, among other things, based on price gains at Apple just under 0.08 percent, it closed at 12,268.32 points. In the broader Nasdaq Composite, it was enough for a record in early trading.

As was often the case on Mondays, the focus was once again on the developers of corona vaccines – with another strong rally in stocks such as Moderna, Biontech or Curevac, which, with price jumps between 13 and 22 percent, became more expensive than ever. Moderna now wants to be the first company to apply for approval for a corona vaccine in the EU. At Biontech, there is now speculation about a very quick approval in Great Britain.

The rally also extended to Novavax’s shares, even if at first glance it was rather bad news. The papers advanced by a further eleven percent, although the company announced a delay of several weeks in the crucial study for its own vaccine candidate.

Aside from the coronavirus situation, the prospect of takeovers heated tempers. S&P Global wants to take over competitor IHS Markit in a $ 44 billion deal. While the Markit titles gained 7.4 percent, those from S&P Global gained three percent.

Another topic of conversation was a possible takeover of Slack. An increase of 5.4 percent catapulted the shares over the previous record of 42 dollars. As the business broadcaster CNBC reported in citing circles, an offer suspected for days from Salesforce could be announced on Tuesday. Salesforce stocks were down 0.7 percent in the Dow.

There was also a record at the electric car maker Tesla, whose shares jumped over the $ 600 mark for the first time since their share split in August. But then profit-taking began, most recently the papers were traded more than three percent in the red.

Nikola papers collapsed by more than a quarter. The electric car start-up, which was traded as a Tesla competitor, had admitted that General Motors would not initially participate in the plan.

Otherwise, oil stocks came under heavy pressure with the falling oil price and the papers of some banks because of negative analyst comments. In the oil sector, the shares of ExxonMobil, Chevron and ConocoPhillips fell 4.5 to 7.5 percent. JPMorgan, meanwhile, was downgraded by Morgan Stanley in a reorganization of industry favorites, with stocks falling 2.8 percent.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro made it above the $ 1.20 mark on Monday. Most recently, however, less was paid at $ 1.1929. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate at 1.1980 (Friday: 1.1922) dollars. The dollar cost 0.8347 (0.8387) euros.

On the bond market, the futures contract for ten-year Treasuries (T-Note-Future) fell by 0.03 percent to 138.15 points. The yield on the ten-year bond was 0.85 percent./tih/he

— By Timo Hausdorf, dpa-AFX —


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