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The Dow Joneses New York Stock Exchange closed overnight (Feb.9) as investors took profits after the market rallied several days earlier. With energy stocks falling the hardest While investors still keep an eye on the progress of the US economic stimulus package. Including the performance of listed companies

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 31,375.83 points, down 9.93 points or -0.03%, the S & P500 closed at 3,911.23 points, 4.36 percentage points, or -0.11%, and the Nasdaq closed at 14,007.70, up 20.06, or + 0.14%.

Investors took a profit after the Dow rose for six consecutive trading days. Especially on Monday the past The Dow closed up, making new heights. Responds to the progress of the economic stimulus package. And vaccination against COVID-19 in the US

Five of the 11 stocks calculated in the S & P500 index fell, led by the energy equity index, down 1.52 percent, with ExxonMobil down 1.17 percent, Occidental Petroleum shares fell 3.14 percent, and Chevron shares negative. 0.6%

Big tech stocks plunged as investors poured them out and shifted their investments to other businesses expected to benefit from President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package, with Nvidia shares tumbling. 1.22% Apple shares were down 0.66%; Alphabet shares were down 0.44%; Micron Technology shares were down 0.82%.

However, communication indexes rose. It helped the Nasdaq close to New Heights, with Twitter shares up 2.94 percent. Netflix shares rose 2.03 percent. Facebook shares gained 1.08 percent.

Blockchain business stocks continue to rise After Tesla announced the purchase of bitcoins to diversify, Long Blockchain shares soared 40.46%, Riot Blockchain shares jumped 21.56%, Marathon Patent shares jumped 17.21% .Tesla shares closed down 1.62% on the back of the sell order. profit

Investors keep an eye on the operating results of listed companies. Twitter and Cisco companies will report earnings after the market closes. While the report states Among the companies in the S&P 500 that completed their 4Q2020 earnings, 83.6% reported higher-than-expected revenue and profit figures.

Investors are also monitoring progress on the US economic stimulus package. After Congress approved the fast track approval of the $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus package on Friday. This will help pave the way for President Biden’s economic stimulus measures to pass Congress without the need for Republican support.

For the most recent US economic data released last night. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released the JOLTS Job Openings and Job Turnover (JOLTS) Survey. Which is a measure of demand in the labor market Increased to 6.65 million positions in December. From 6.572 million positions in November

Other US economic data due to be released this week include: Jan inflation rate, wholesale inventory inventory in December, number of weekly unemployment applicants And the February consumer confidence index from the University of Michigan



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