New York State mourns 134 new deaths

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday announced 134 additional coronavirus-related deaths in his New York state and the establishment of four new temporary hospitals to cope with the peak of the pandemic.


The worst-affected state in the United States has recorded 519 deaths from the coronavirus since the first reported case on March 1, for a total of 44,635 people officially testing positive.

Based on data communicated to him by specialists, the governor now predicts a peak in about 21 days, around April 17.

He expects by then a further increase in the number of cases reported daily and still wants to approach the goal of a capacity of 140,000 hospital beds, against 53,000 before the crisis.

Andrew Cuomo has already ordered establishments to increase their capacity by at least 50% and double it if possible.

He had also already launched, with the support of the corps of engineers of the army and the American agency for emergency management (FEMA), the installation of four field hospitals.

One of them, set up in the Javits Center convention center in Manhattan, will be fully operational on Monday, the governor announced.

The latter said on Friday that he would propose to the President of the United States the creation of four additional field hospitals, to reach 94,000 beds in total, by adding the 1,000 from the US Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort, which will arrive. in New York next week.

In terms of equipment, masks, gloves, artificial respirators, New York State seeks to accumulate sufficient stock to meet the needs associated with a peak.

For Diana Torres, a nurse at one of Manhattan’s Mount Sinai hospitals, medical teams are not currently receiving the necessary protective equipment.

“So you put plastic on it to make it last longer,” she said. This is really the bare minimum. “


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