New York state also regulates gasoline cars, bans the sale of new cars by 2035 | | National news

Ban on the sale of new cars by 2035

09/30/2022 06:28

[New York]Governor Hawkle of New York announced on the 29th that it will effectively ban gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2035 for new cars such as passenger cars and pickup trucks sold in the state. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The move comes after the state of California decided on a similar regulation in August of this year.

Hawkle will direct the regulation to the New York Environmental Conservation Agency and hold public hearings to make it concrete. SUVs are also subject to regulation.

It plans to gradually increase the percentage of sales of new cars that are zero-emission vehicles to 35% of the 2026 models, to 68% by 2030 and then to the total by 2035.

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