New York: Snow storm causes chaos in the northeastern United States

A heavy snowstorm caused traffic chaos in the northeastern United States. Hundreds of flights were canceled for Monday in the metropolis of New York and other cities, and numerous trains were canceled.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency, roads were kept free for the use of emergency vehicles, and all unnecessary journeys were restricted. Up to 60 centimeters of snow were expected in the big city. The drifting snow had already started on Sunday evening (local time) in Times Square in Manhattan.

The national weather service warned of heavy snowfall and strong winds for the entire northeast coast from Virginia to Maine. The authority spoke of “Blizzard-like conditions” that could possibly last until Wednesday. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at a press conference of two “long days” ahead of the region.

“This blizzard will keep us busy until late at night,” warned Mayor de Blasio in the short message service Twitter. “Be patient, stay at home and do not use the streets.” Schools were closed for Monday and Tuesday, and planned corona vaccinations were postponed.

In the midst of heavy snowfall, clearing vehicles were on the move in New York. La Guardia Airport canceled 90 percent of all flights, JFK and Newark Airports canceled 70 percent of connections.

The state of New Jersey and Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, were also in a state of emergency. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy warned of power outages and called on residents to recharge electrical appliances.

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