New York seeks unclaimed $ 17 billion owners – NBC New York

NEW YORK – If you live or have lived in New York State and need the money, the state controller is looking for the owners of billions of unclaimed funds.

The office of New York State Controller Thomas DiNapoli currently has $ 17.5 billion in “lost money” from ordinary people, just like you !, and has returned up to $ 1.5 million to plaintiffs every day.

Checking if you get any part of this gigantic fund is simple enough. All you have to do is enter your last name (or a few more details if it returns too many results). Try typing your name wrong, just to be safe, if nothing shows up from an initial search. Do you think part of this loot belongs to you? Research here.

It is also worth checking the names of your relatives, especially those who have died. The accounts date back to the 1940s and officials say you may be eligible for those funds. As of August, the controller’s office had more than $ 4.3 billion in unclaimed cash owed to people living in New York City; for example, Manhattan residents owed more than $ 2.2 billion and Brooklyn and Queens residents nearly $ 1 billion each. The numbers are also high on Long Island.

New Jersey and Connecticut also have offices that handle unclaimed funds. Money is usually checks sent to the wrong address that have never been cashed. Most of them are for amounts of $ 50 or $ 100, but you never know.

To check if you have unclaimed funds in the three state area, click on your state:




New York State Controller Thomas DiNapoli said his office had a $ 5 million stock account that was not claimed.

His office has returned nearly $ 290 million so far in 2022, they said. However, be careful if a company offers to look for you. It could be a sign of scam, DiNapoli warned. Request this map of unclaimed funds for a regional breakdown or consultation here.

To view New York unclaimed funds by county and region accumulated in 2022, click here.

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