New York Roll: where to taste this pastry that is all the rage on social networks?

If, like us, you have ended up falling into the meanders of “Food TikTok”, which is full of tasting videos, ever more tempting recipes and good addresses to try urgently, then you have probably not missed it. of the latest pastry that drives all the foodistas of the application crazy: le New York Roll. In recent days scrolling our TikTok feed we have been surprised by the number of videos dedicated to this culinary eccentricity straight from the Big Apple.

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@tonybouffe New York rolls from the Frappe bakery and Bo&mie #newyorkroll #parisfood ♬ son original – Tony

New York Roll: the viral delicacy that makes TikTok salivate

We prefer to warn you, this pastry promises to make the defenders of the sacrosanct croissant howl, since it is inspired by it with a lot of freedom. It steals its puff and caramelized pastry, adopting a circular shape which allows it to be filled with pastry cream, spread or even a ganache with various flavors, like a donut covered with glaze. Sacrilege for some, brilliant idea for others, to see the enthusiasm aroused by this most decadent delicacy, it is rather the second team that seems to win. Indeed, many are the sweet beaks who salivate in front of this little sweetness to the point of sometimes queuing for hours to taste it.

Originally known as « The Supreme »it is in the kitchens of the Lafayette Grand Cafe & Bakery in New York what was born this hybrid which has since made its way from France.

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No need to cross the Atlantic to enjoy a New York Roll worthy of the name, several pastries – mainly Parisian – have made it their flagship product and have found themselves for several weeks taken by storm by a horde of gourmands eager to taste the most viral candy of the moment, which is selling like hot cakes.

Where to taste New York Roll in Paris?

Chez Bo&Miethe “creative” bakery which has no less than five Parisian addresses, the flan which for a long time was the brand’s best-seller was robbed of its place as a favorite by the New York Roll, available in two versions: a garnished of vanilla cream and dressed with a chocolate glaze and another topped with a pistachio whipped cream and covered with crunchy pistachio chips.

Chez Strucka neighborhood bakery not far from the Place de la Bastille, the equally tempting New York Rolls are called Frappe’Roll (with gianduja) or Pop’Roll (with salted butter caramel) and promise to “put you down ”, as they are naughty.

For a four hour New York time, we go to the 16th arrondissement at The Reserve which has just introduced its limited edition Manhattan Rolls in three different flavours: vanilla, praline & chocolate.

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