New York restaurants allowed to serve indoors

Restaurants in New York will be allowed to serve indoors as of September 30, respecting a gauge of 25% of their regular capacity, announced Wednesday, to everyone’s surprise, the governor, after accusing an end of not receive the day before.

The authorization is subject to drastic conditions, namely in particular the temperature measurement at the entrance and the obligation for each group of customers to provide contact details, which can be used in the event of contamination.

The establishments will not be able to serve after midnight, no customers will be able to sit at the bar if there is one and all the tables will have to be separated at least two meters from each other, indicated the governor of the. New York State, Andrew Cuomo.

The only decision-maker in the matter, he had nevertheless ruled out on Tuesday the possibility of restarting the indoor service. He considered that the conditions were not met to make it possible to check that the gauge would be respected.

Several elected officials, Democrats and Republicans, up to President Donald Trump, had demanded, in recent days, that restaurants in New York be again authorized to serve indoors, as is the case in all other counties of New York State.

A group of restaurateurs also went to court on Tuesday to get customers inside.

The governor announced that the control teams would be strengthened, in particular with the addition of 400 inspectors of the municipal health services, to try to cover all the approximately 10,000 establishments of New York.

The governor said he also relies on New Yorkers themselves to notify health services in the event of a clear violation of the 25% rule.

“Restaurants present a potential risk because of the concentration of people inside, but the shortfall is considerable when they cannot function,” admitted Andrew Cuomo at a press conference.

The governor warned that indoor service could be banned again if the rate of positive cases for the coronavirus rose significantly. It has been less than 1% for a month.

Conversely, if the numbers remain at the current level, Andrew Cuomo plans to allow restaurants to fill their rooms to 50% as of November 1.

According to a New York Times study, which relies on data from the Yelp site, nearly 900 restaurants have closed permanently in New York since the start of the pandemic.


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