New York Philharmonic Orchestra cancels season

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra announced Monday, October 12, the cancellation of its 2020-2021 season.

Three weeks after the Metropolitan Opera, it’s the turn of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra to cancel its season. No date will be honored until June 13. The New York orchestra had already announced, in early June, the cancellation of part of its season, until January 6. It is now the entire season that is canceled.

This is a sad first for the New York Philharmonic, which has never canceled a season in its 178 years of existence. To compensate for these cancellations, the Orchestra plans to broadcast online concerts pre-recorded by small groups formed by its musicians. All of these concerts will be recorded at David Geffen Hall, the Philharmonic’s usual hall which is to be renovated.

This cancellation is a new blow to the cultural season in the United States, which risks being totally decimated.

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