New York passes new law against Airbnb

airbnb illegal
An apartment rented by the night in a SoHo building on Airbnb: illegal!

If you are planning to rent an apartment for your New York vacation, you should know that things work very differently in New York than in the rest of the world. Since 2010, New York State has passed a law that severely limits vacation rental options.

What does the law say in New York?

Since 2010, things have been clear: renting an entire apartment in New York State for less than 30 days is prohibited.
Rentals on Airbnb and other vacation rental sites are only legal in New York in 3 specific cases:

  • You must rent an entire apartment for more than 30 days.
  • You must rent an apartment in a building with less than 3 apartments. A very, very rare case in Manhattan and which therefore forces you to eventually go to the end of Queens or Brooklyn.
  • You must rent a room with the locals. This then has little to do with renting apartments since the owner must be present in his apartment with you.

Everything else is illegal, whatever the owners say! The goal of the town hall is to prevent entire buildings from turning into disguised hotels, reducing the supply of apartments for rent for New Yorkers.

A new law that strengthens controls

Despite the 2010 law, many tourists have nonetheless rented an apartment illegally on Airbnb… Everyone then took their risks, while the controls gradually increased.
But this time, New York City Hall intends to strictly enforce the 2010 law. In early August 2018, the town hall unanimously adopted a new law requiring Airbnb to provide the names and addresses of all owners who rent their apartment on Airbnb. The controls will therefore no longer be based on denunciations from neighbors but on systematic checks with the owners, who will then have to prove that they comply with the law. New York City Hall goes on the offensive!
Other size change: Airbnb will be fined $ 1,500 for any undeclared rentals. The platform therefore no longer has any interest in letting it happen …

What if you want your apartment in New York?

Given the entry into force of this new law which strengthens the law of 2010, you have two solutions if you want to rent an apartment in New York:

  • Either you rent an apartment in strict compliance with the law, but there is little chance that this will be right for you unless you plan to stay 30 days, take accommodation away from Manhattan, or agree to live with the owner.
  • Either you opt for an aparthotel. Since 2010, the offer has grown greatly and you will therefore be able to find more and more easily rooms equipped with kitchenettes. Enough to live New York style while reducing restaurant costs since you can cook at home. If you’re looking for great apartment hotels, check out the New York City Hotel Guide.
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