New York overwhelmed by an influx of migrants from Texas

For more than a week, migrant buses have been arriving in New York, caught in the midst of a cynical political brawl between the governor of Texas and the new mayor of the city, Eric Adams. On Thursday 22 September the city councilor announced that the city would open emergency centers to temporarily accommodate new arrivals, including tents to accommodate adults traveling alone.

“This is not a usual emergency reception crisis, it is a humanitarian crisis that requires other responses”, Eric Adams said this in a note. The number of exiles, mostly from South America, hosted in the reception centers has exceeded 10,000, notes the New York Times.

The population housed in the city’s homeless reception system is increasing at an unprecedented rate – over 25% since mid-May, to reach 58,000 people. In the past week alone, 2,200 migrants have been abducted.

“Right to shelter”

The situation in New York is particular, because it is the only city in the United States legally obliged to guarantee a “Right to shelter

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