New York Outdoor Restaurants May Not Offer Propane Heating | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

needs to.stories from the ía, all in yourlanguage and completely free.hope: restaurantNew Yorker will be forcedto modify the heating.They tell us what it is about and thereactions that the measure hasgenerated in the town.Factor: good afternoon, nowwe are appointed to see thesenew york, wherepeople sit outsidecomer.many do not feel comfortablein the restaurant they are onlyvaccinated.the vaccine is required foreat indoors.fully open.they don’t necessarily needheating.we have done a tour likethe one in the background.They have the electric heating.that is the change thatneed to implement.the ones you had last yearpropane gas need to doswitch to natural gas orcompletely electric.we are in little italy,they used electricity. themayor bill de blasioagrees with the departmentof firefighters in which propaneneeds to be discontinued bythe dangers posed by itsimproper handling.the city needs to move toa cleaner energy.represents for businessthat they invested last yearon propane gas to make thatchange.although the city already has afund you have for that.we will tell you how much it isapply and what does it represent for

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