New York Mayor Proposes Legislature to Raise Taxes on the Rich to Avoid Cuts to Health and Education | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

health insurance coverage.something that is not required atheterosexual couples.during the runmillionaire generated bypandemic, budgetpresented by the governorandrew andrew cuomo incluyecertain cuts. this is whythat today the mayor brought upthe coming to asklegislature to avoid cutsin areas such as health andeducation. tell us how it wasthe solution he proposed forincrease income withoutcut certain funds.local governments ofstate presented this Thursdayyour demands to the legislaturestate budget for thefiscal year 20212022. themayor of lazio de neuer saidthat the pandemic caused a10,500,000,000 tax loss$ to the city between 2020 to2022 so it was assuredindispensable help fromfederal and state government torecuperate. said that thecity ​​profit is$ 5,250,000,000 and that withoutmatter when he enteredfederal government to the state,it is wrong to askNew Yorkers who quitservices. stated that they mustprotect resources tothe schools as in thehealth area, therefore, before thestate fiscal deficitproposes to remove $ 800,000,000education and about 473 millionin cuts for health andhospitals so if thehad to close 19 cynicsand lost more than 900 edics andnurses. therefore, themayor proposed to usealternatives to avoidcuts. stated that they shouldraise taxes onrich in order to protect theworking people.following up on the issue,“univisón 41 news” wasto the mansion ofruled where a group existedto andrew cuomo increase themillionaires taxes andavoid reducing servicesessential related tosubstance abuse and violencedisease, resources foryoung people without homes andprotection for adultsgreater. new york has a$ 15,000,000,000 profit andthe governor assures thatdepend on federal aidto readjust the budget andvoid cuts before 1

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