New York mayor makes vaccination compulsory for all private sector

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday, December 6, that all employees in the private sector would be subject to compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus as of December 27.

The councilor went further than President Joe Biden, whose vaccination obligation, which was to come into force on January 4 but is currently suspended by a court decision, only concerned employees of companies with more than 100 people. “Here in New York, we have decided to launch a pre-emptive attack (against the coronavirus) to really do something bold to stop the progression of the Covid and the dangers it poses to all of us.», Indicated Bill de Blasio on the channel MSNBC.

He clarified that all “private sector employers in New York would be affected by the vaccination requirement as of December 27”, Or some 184,000 businesses, companies and businesses. Moreover, from the same date, the “New Yorkers aged 12 and over will need to show proof that they have received three doses of the vaccine“, According to the mayor, who will leave his post on December 31 to be replaced by Eric Adams, elected on November 2.

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is now confirmed in at least 15 US states – with a few cases in New York state, the largest city in the United States particularly ravaged by the epidemic in 2020 with at least 34,000 deaths.



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