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New York Mayor Eric Adams Says Rikers Island ‘Ready’ to Receive Donald Trump if Sentenced to Prison

NEW YORKNew York Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday that Rikers Island prison is “ready” to receive Donald Trump if the former US president is sentenced to prison for violating the gag order. to what he faces at his criminal trial in Manhattan.

Adams also mentioned his “amazing commissioner” at the New York Department of Corrections, Lynelle Maginley-Liddie, and her team, who he said will be “ready” if the time comes.

“They will be willing to deal with the situation as is already happening with Harvey Weinstein (moved to Rikers in the next few hours). talk about hypotheticals, but we have professionals there and they’re willing to get everybody,” Adams said at a news conference after being asked about an alleged case in which the former head- to sit in prison.

Within the framework of a criminal trial against Trump in New York, in which he is accused of falsifying accounting records to buy the silence of porn actress Stormy Daniels, with whom he had an affair, thus defending his 2016 campaign, Judge Juan Merchan has fined the politician twice for breaking the ‘gag order’ and has warned him that he could send the prison

The judge in charge again this Monday imposed a $1,000 fine for contempt, as the former president has continued to publicly accuse those involved in the process that was opened there in New York, despite being prohibited from doing so.

“The last thing I want is to put you in jail. You are the vice president of the United States and maybe the next president as well, but I have a job to do and part of that job is to protect the dignity of the judge. system,” Judge Merchan broke down. .

In fact, the judge fined Trump $9,000 last week, considering several public statements that were punished on his social network, Truth Social, and on his campaign website, in did he attack some of the witnesses.

If he goes to prison, he would be the first president behind bars, as he is already the first to be criminally charged, facing 88 criminal charges for various legal processes opened in courts of several cities and for various crimes.

“This judge has put a gag order on me and said I will go to jail if I break it, but our Constitution is much more important than jail. I will make that sacrifice,” Trump said after leaving court Monday.

On the other hand, Adams’ opinion of Weinstein is due to the fact that the former film producer is currently in Rikers Island prison after being in a penal facility in upstate New York, and after spend some time in a prison hospital unit. in this same town.

Weinstein is still awaiting trial in New York after an appeals court overturned his historic 2020 conviction for sex crimes that sparked the #MeToo movement.

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