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NEW YORK — Now we’re on a roll. New York City made weather history for the second time in 24 hours on Tuesday. This before the arrival of freezing temperatures in our area.

January 2023 will be the first month that New York City has temperatures above average on record every day, the first time the city has accomplished such a feat since records began in the 1860s. For those who don’t love math, that means 31 days in the same month with temperatures warmer than average and 0 days colder. (Sorry, February, April, June, September and November – now you don’t stand a chance unless something really wild happens.)

January 2023 will be the first month with above-average temperatures recorded EVERY day. A first for New York City. Records go back to the 1860s.

Monday marked a New York City record for a winter season with no measurable snow reported in Central Park before January 30. The last date with accumulated snow in the iconic space was January 29, which occurred during the winter of 1972-73, according to National Weather Service records.

And there’s still a chance we’ll establish one or two more before the end of this winter.

Longest snowless streak ever: As of Tuesday, we’re five days out of first place. If we get to Sunday with no measurable snow in New York City, that’s the longest streak on record, though we may end on Day 328 this Tuesday.

There will be a brief 1-2 hour window tonight when we expect some light snow to fall in the city. It’ll be close, but we COULD pick up 0.1″ of accumulation and break our streak of snowless days at 328, just four days shy of the record.

The warmest January on record: as of Sunday, we have the second warmest January on record. We are only three tenths of a degree away from a draw, so we will see what happens in the next few days.

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