New York – major concert at the end of Corona measures canceled due to storms

In New York, the long-planned major concert with numerous world stars had to be canceled due to an approaching storm.

At the event in Central Park with 60,000 announced visitors, the city wanted to celebrate the fighting spirit of its citizens in the corona pandemic and the end of many restrictions. Artists like Carlos Santana, Andrea Bocelli and LL Cool J could still perform, others like Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen could not.

Because of Hurricane “Henri”, some parts of the US state of New York are now in a state of emergency. For the city of New York, among other things, heavy rain and power outages are expected. The tropical storm threatens several states in the northeastern United States.

In Tennessee, at least ten people were killed in floods after heavy rain. Many more are still missing.

This message was broadcast on 08/22/2021 on Deutschlandfunk.


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