New York launched its vaccine passport

This is the debate that has animated the United States in recent days: should we offer a vaccine passport to fight against the coronavirus pandemic? As vaccination accelerates and the US economy gradually reopens, not all states speak with the same voice. For the moment, only New York has launched a vaccination passport. It allows you to attend cultural or sporting events.

An “additional tool to fight against the virus”

“If it allows me to enter somewhere, then that’s fine with me,” says Cyril. This New Yorker was able to attend the Brooklyn basketball team game on Wednesday night thanks to the anti-Covid shots he received. He went through the security barriers, his phone in his hand. “It’s pretty simple to use. I downloaded the app and entered my details. I was asked for my date of birth, but not my social security number,” he explains.

The passport named Excelsior Pass, takes the form of a QR Code, which summarizes your vaccination status. The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, did not wish to make it compulsory. For him, it is an “additional tool to fight against the virus and reopen the economy safely”.

“I am absolutely for this passport”

And the inhabitants seem to adhere to this measure. “I am absolutely for this passport. Long live the vaccine passport! So I can do whatever I want,” exclaims David, who is using it for the first time. Regarding the risks to his private data, David is resigned anyway. “We no longer have privacy. We lost it ten years ago,” he says.

At the moment, the Excelsior Pass is not yet very popular. The governors of Florida and Texas have already said they don’t want it. For its part, the White House said this week that it does not want a vaccination certificate at the federal level.

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