New York Knicks recruit fullback Austin Rivers

Austin Rivers joins the New York Knicks. Info has been unveiled Adrian Wojnarowski.

According to him, the franchise and the former replacement have agreed to a contract for a period of one year. The amount has not yet been revealed.

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Last year, he turned 8.8 pts and 1.7 assists to the Houston Rockets, in a role of 6th man. So he’s not a star that the New York Knicks signed but he’s a very solid player who can score when given the opportunity.

He was shooting over 35% long distance last year. Above all, he has already shown the Los Angeles Clippers his offensive skills. The year he played more than 30 minutes per game, he turned 15.1 points in a team that included Blake Griffin, Lou Williams, Tobias Harris and Danilo Gallinari. It was just three years ago.

For a team that is not yet attracting the stars and that wants to try to build a strong culture in order to be more attractive in the offseason to come, this type of choice is not uninteresting. With him, Thibodeau knows what to expect. Not a player who will explode this year, but a solid contributor who will not cost too much this season and who does not lose financial flexibility to the franchise for next summer.

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