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Isabella Gady has lived in New York for seven years. She moved from Vienna to the vibrant metropolis for the UN. But Corona has ordered the metropolis that never sleeps to rest. Here she writes how the Big Apple comes back to life.

From Isabella Gady | 5:51 p.m., October 31, 2020

The Fearless Girl in front of the New York Stock Exchange: Real New Yorkers are resistant per se © (c) AP (Mary Altaffer)

Brooklyn, October 2020. A workshop participant said frankly: “Before Corona I didn’t know any of my neighbors personally.” He paused and then said: “Today I know them all.” Ms. Kimbell and Charly from Apartment 4D are particularly appealing to him Heart grew. “For weeks we brought the 72-year-old and her dog food over during the strict lockdown.” Everything was organized within a few days via the in-house neighborhood help, which “Lisa from 2B” brought into being. The basic supply of some particularly endangered residents was secured. As a thank you, Ms. Kimbell left a handwritten postcard with a personal message every day. “I kept them all on,” says the acquaintance. It is stories like this that – if you listen carefully in this otherwise busy city – deliver signals for a changed, a local New York. A New York for the New Yorkers.

This is what a long-time resident of Chinatown said: “Despite everything, a new sense of solidarity that has been lost can now be felt.” The once lively district in the metropolis, whose restaurants and bustling evening markets announced it by their unique smell, many blocks before you crossed the Soho border, comes to life. Chess is being played again in Columbus Park – with a mask, of course, which is only removed when smoking. In addition to the protective measures, the population and entrepreneurs are fighting against racist hostility in the wake of the corona crisis. Trump’s word about the “China virus” caught.


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