New York is severing all ties with Trump

The city of New York no longer wants to do business with President Donald Trump’s companies. The cutting of business ties is a direct result of Trump’s role in last week’s riots. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this on Wednesday.

“We do not do business with those who play an active role in derailing the transfer of power in our country,” said De Blasio. The Trump Organization, a collective of several hundred separate companies, has three contracts with the city; the carousel in Central Park, the Wollman and Lasker ice rinks and Trump Ferry Point Golf Course, a major course in the Bronx. The four attractions bring Trump about $ 17 million annually, various American media write. Most contracts are terminated within a month. The golf course will remain in the hands of Trump for at least a few months.


Last week’s riots have had a catastrophic effect on the Trumps’ business deals. Several companies have distanced themselves from the family. Major golf association PGA has decided to stop playing the 2022 championship at any of the president’s golf courses. Payment company Stripe does not want to process payments for Trump and Deutsche Bank, which in the past was very supportive of the Trumps, now wants to accelerate its loans to the family. About $ 340 million is still outstanding. Trump’s personal bank, Signature Bank, has begun closing its accounts. In total, this involves an amount of $ 5.3 million.

Earlier, Cushman & Wakefield, one of the largest real estate houses in the United States, announced that it no longer wanted to work with the family. Cushman leases, among other things, the Trump Tower in New York City. And most social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, have banned the most powerful man in the world.

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