New York governor accused of sexual harassment says he will not “resign”

«I will not resign“: The powerful governor of the State of New York, accused of sexual harassment, excluded this Wednesday to throw in the towel, at least as long as the investigation opened into these allegations will not be finished.

«I was not elected by politicians, I was elected by the people of New York state, I will not resignAndrew Cuomo, one of America’s most influential governors, said at his first press conference since the scandal erupted last Wednesday. The voice choked at times, the 63-year-old Democrat, who has led New York State since 2011, said “apologize deeplyFor hurting some women. “I had no idea at the time that I was making anyone uncomfortable. I never meant to offend anyone, hurt anyone, or hurt anyone. I feel horribly wrong that these people were hurt, suffered from these interactions».

But faced with calls to resign which have grown in recent days, including in his Democratic camp, he also estimated “never have done anything in (his) career that (he) is to be ashamed of“. He called on New Yorkers to “wait to form an opinion»The results of the investigation into these allegations which has just been launched by the attorney of the State of New York, at the undisputed independence. “I’ve been in situations like this too many times, where everyone has an opinion because they’ve read this or that, and suddenly the facts bring out a different situation.Added Cuomo, himself a former prosecutor.

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«My usual way»

The governor has been implicated by three women since last Wednesday. Ex-business advisor Lindsey Boylan, 36, first claimed he had unsolicited her kiss on the mouth and suggested that she play with him at “strip poker“, When she worked with him between 2015 and 2018. Saturday, another ex-collaborator, Charlotte Bennett, 25, indicated that the governor had made advances to her which had put her”uncomfortable“In the spring of 2020. And on Monday, 33-year-old Anna Ruch, who has never worked with him, claimed he had”shockedWanting to kiss her against her will at a wedding in 2019. A photo was posted showing the governor framing Ms Ruch’s face with his hands.

«You will find hundreds of pictures of me kissing people – women, men, children. It’s my usual way of greeting people. And besides, it was my father’s way of greeting peopleAdded the son of the late governor Mario Cuomo, who also spent three terms, before failing to be elected for a fourth in 1994.

The scandal raised by these accusations, which came when Mr. Cuomo was already suspected of having concealed the true death toll from the coronavirus in New York nursing homes, knocked the governor down from the pedestal where he had been placed at the beginning. of the pandemic.

With his daily, rational and reassuring press briefings, he had, while New York was hit hard by the pandemic in the spring of 2020, acquired the status of national star. To the point that some urged him to join the race for the White House. Even if he manages to stay in power, many analysts now believe he will have a hard time running for a fourth term. Proof that his star has faded, he should also soon be deprived of the special powers that the New York State Parliament had granted him at the start of the pandemic. Parliamentarians from both chambers announced an agreement to this effect on Tuesday.

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