New York enacts mandatory vaccination for city employees

New YorkThe metropolis of New York is issuing mandatory vaccinations for its city employees in the corona pandemic. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday that around 160,000 affected employees, including police officers and employees of authorities and the fire brigade, would have to prove at least one first vaccination dose by November 1. Anyone who does not do this will be released without a salary until they can prove a vaccination.

Around half of the city’s 300,000 or so employees, including teachers, have been required to be vaccinated for a few weeks. Of the remaining 160,000 employees who are now affected, around 46,000 are still unvaccinated, according to the city. If you have at least one dose of vaccine by October 29th, you will receive a $ 500 reward. Several associations, such as the fire brigade union, have announced opposition to the regulation.

The possibility of being tested instead of being vaccinated should be eliminated

De Blasio had already ordered in July that all municipal employees either get vaccinated or have a weekly test. The test option is no longer applicable. Exceptions to the compulsory vaccination for religious or medical reasons should be possible after examination. Similar regulations already exist in other US cities.



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