New York emerging artists converge on the Shed

Nestled in the Hudson Yards area, The Shed this summer reclaims its position as an important cultural space in Manhattan.

One of his proposals for this season: Open Call, which in Spanish would be something like Open Invitation, is a multidisciplinary exhibition made up of the different voices of 27 local artists.

Solana Chehtman, Director of Civil Programs at The Shed, explains: “Open Call It is one of the main programs of the Shed and what it seeks is to support and find emerging artists from all five New York boroughs ”.

Open Call It is made up of works of art exhibited in a gallery and a series of presentations in the theatrical space.

Visitors do not have to pay absolutely anything to enjoy this exhibition, but they must obtain their tickets in advance on the website of the exhibition.

“Open Call it is a portrait of New York by New York artists and for the New York public, all of them: those who have just arrived, those who have been here for a long time, those born and raised … The important thing is to reflect all the identities that make up our city “, Chehtman details.

Due to the cultural diversity of its artists, this exhibition reflects the aesthetics that exist in the diverse neighborhoods of the Big Apple. So you can find the railings of houses in Queens or the Persian rugs of some homes.

Merche Blasco is an artist and composer: “I work with experimental music and improvisation. And what I do is work with technologies that allow us to open ourselves to new ways of listening.”

And it is that, strangely enough, if something left these months of confinement, it was that we learned to see our surroundings with different eyes and to allow new interpretations of existence itself.

“And through amplifying certain vibrations, we reflect on the importance of listening in all these interactions with entities that surround us,” says Blasco.

The gallery exhibition will remain open to the public until August 1. And to get your free tickets, visit the website:



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