New York cops board protestor in unmarked van

On Tuesday, July 29, during a demonstration in New York, NYPD agents in shorts and t-shirts forced a protester into an unmarked van, to everyone’s amazement. They are quickly joined by policemen in fluorescent clothes and on bicycles, to prevent other people from coming to his aid.

The city police department confirmed in a statement on Twitter that its agents had indeed used an unmarked van during the arrest and added that the 18-year-old had been taken into custody because “Wanted for damaging police cameras in five separate criminal incidents in and around City Hall Park”. But the method is debated.

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It also echoes the accounts of the summary arrests of demonstrators in Portland for the past month, arrested and taken away by federal agents also circulating in unmarked vehicles.

In many videos posted on social networks, we see these agents, in paramilitary clothing and without visible identification badges, using unmarked vehicles to stop protesters.

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