New York City Teachers Concern Over Alarming Coronavirus Numbers | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

shelter program. is he isnew york, the number ofhospitalizations reachedlevels not seen in ayear. this occurs at the same timestudents return to those ofafter the holidayswintry.the concern betweenteachers is palpable.some ask to return toremote learning.believe your child in thismoment is safe in theschool with allvariant that we arefacing?is the question they ask themselvesfrom manhattan.Rosana has always preferred theremote opcon and kept yourson at home as much as he could.with the heart in hand.>> we are afraid thatomicron is stronger thannever.berenice: when visiting thistomorrow the school the bronx, themayor adams said he’s going tokeep campuses open andthat there is enough staffto make replacements, yeahmasters in signature. says that thetransmission average isless than 1% of, the kn 95.many teachers are missingmariela: the union ofteachers said today is busybecause of the absence, because it aroseteachers not to show upto work, if they are sick.the conservative wing demandsa remote teaching a statement said that inmany cases, schoolspassports received and notreport. last week the60% of cases were studentssimple sides, which forced thethat’s why some schoolsprivate companies have delayedreturn classes until thisWednesday, demanding fromstudents who have a the heated has said thatonly the governor hasthe power to issuethat order.they should have done thetest before entering class?that> many places are supernot me and what to waittwo or three hours to do theproof.mariela: can you scan theon-screen code to view the

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