New York City Launches Flexible Work Pilot Program for City Employees

New York City has started a flexible work pilot program that will allow city employees to work two days a week from home if they wish.after an agreement reached with the union that represents them, Mayor Eric Adams reported Thursday.

As part of that agreement with the DC 37the largest union of public sector employees in the city, a Labor Flexibility Committee will be created to discuss remote work -as occurred during the health crisis created by the covid- and other measures to improve worker morale as well as the recruitment and retention of personnel, the mayor said in a statement.

He further indicated that the city and the union will work closely to get the program up and running, but made it clear that the program will not apply to all employees; In fact, the Mayor’s Office and the union have agreed to discuss alternative labor flexibility measures for those employees who, due to their job functions, cannot take advantage of remote work.

“I have always said that any flexible work program that the city offers must recognize the reality that there are some roles that cannot be performed remotely“Said the mayor, who until now has been reluctant to telework.

According to Adams, This pilot program will protect the basic services New Yorkers depend on, while giving workers additional flexibility in their work schedules..

The leader of DC 37, Henry Garrido, said that at least a thousand officials have expressly requested teleworking, and with the new measure he said he is convinced that there will be many more in a city that, added to the mayor’s office and all the municipal agencies, goes through to be one of the employers with the largest number of workers in the city.

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According to the portal, Today’s agreement seeks to solve the problem of unfilled vacancies in municipal institutions, which add up to more than 20,000 positions to be filled.

The program will run until May 31, 2025 and will be renewed for one year thereafter if both parties agree.

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