New York City funds transport of migrants en route to Canada

The information of New York Post that New York City funds the bus transport of disgruntled migrants to the Canadian border “create a shock wave in Quebec”, écrit The Press.

“It’s amazing”, commented Quebec Immigration Minister Christine Fréchette, wondering about the relevance of granting tickets “to come closer to Canada”. According to migrants interviewed by the New York daily, National Guard soldiers helped distribute free transport tickets in front of the Manhattan bus terminal. Direction: Plattsburgh, a city in upstate New York located a thirty-minute drive from Quebec.

Canada, “the place to go”

The Journal of Montreal it observed on the spot “that Plattsburgh was an obligatory stop for migrants en route to the well-known path”.

According to the New York Post, “A rumor has spread within the migrant community that Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has touted the ‘proud and long tradition of welcoming people in search of security’, was the place

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