New York City employs “quarantine officers”

Published on : 14/09/2020 – 06:07

Traumatized by the Covid-19 pandemic, New York State is resuming its activity in phases, but under close surveillance of its borders. Travelers returning from overseas, but also from 33 other US states, are subject to a strict 14-day home quarantine. New York City has even hired quarantine officers.

From our correspondent in New York, Carrie Nooten

« Hello, I’m Gustavo from the team Covid-19 of New York City. I’m calling you to find out how your quarantine is going. »

Once you arrive in New York, you get this kind of call every day for two weeks. A city agent makes sure you don’t develop symptoms, that you don’t need a grocery or ready-meal delivery, or even a free hotel room if you think you’re in danger. other occupants of your household. And above all, it reminds you of the ban on moving from home, under penalty of a fine of 10,000 dollars, or 8,500 euros!

« We detect early »

The American metropolis has hired 3,000 agents to contact the temporarily confined daily and help them manage this period. After losing her human resources job, Julietta Garcia, 51, applied on short notice as a quarantine investigator. She received a laptop and training, all remotely. ” We received 40-45 hours of training. I was impressed with the good organization, coming from a bureaucracy! », She believes.

New York collects the contact details of travelers as they get off the plane, or through license plates when going through state tolls. Julietta makes a hundred calls a day in this way, and for her, it is effective: “ We helped a lot of people! They are detected early, so they have access to treatment quickly and recover fully. »

Georgia and Florida, particularly affected by the pandemic, are considering taking inspiration from New York and implementing a similar system in their state.

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