New York Chokes on Worst Air Pollution in History from Canadian Forest Fires


The United States experienced toxic air pollution from forest fires and became the worst in history on Wednesday (7/6/2023). Researchers say that people in New York are exposed to pollution that is more than five times the national air quality standard.

The analysis showed that the smoke billowing south from the Canadian forest fires exposed people to their worst pollution exposure since 2006. New York’s Air Quality Index (AQI) on Wednesday reached a “dangerous” level of 413. The figure is the highest. the highest in recent decades in New York.

“By far the worst, I mean, gosh, that’s bad,” said Stanford University environmental scientist Marshall Burke The GuardianFriday (9/6/2023).

“Unbelievable to be honest, we had to check it four times to see if it was true. We have never seen anything like this, or even close to this, on the east coast before. This is a historic event.”

Researchers at Stanford say that the average person in America is exposed to 27.5 micrograms per cubic meter of small particulate matter in the smoke. Dust and other burning debris or PM2.5 can be inhaled into the lungs and cause various health conditions and even death.

Because of this incident, the sky in New York turned orange like in the movie. Schools and playgrounds have also closed outdoor activities and people have started wearing masks. Airborne particles reach 195 micrograms or five times the national air quality standard.

“The levels are quite dangerous, especially if you are in a vulnerable group. I would expect there to be an increase in hospitalizations for respiratory problems, premature births and deaths,” Burke said.

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Burke added that the air pollution conditions are so severe that staying indoors is not completely protective.


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