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This is a city that we know very well thanks to the magic of cinema, television and music. Although this, sometimes, more than a help is a problem because you are in danger of living in a already seen I continue and don’t stop repeating yourself … “This sounds familiar to me or I’ve already been here.”

About New York I like, above all, its human fauna, the very disparate, unique characters, posh, alternative and even eccentric living in this city. You sit in a corner to watch people go by … and the day goes by hallucinating them. I also love how amazing it can be. It is not a monumental city like Paris or Rome; it is an unclassifiable city, unlike any other. A place that does not rest and is continually renewed.

In this new podcast from the summer 2021 series I give you a complete practical guide about the capital of the world. How to go, the best time, entry requirements, essential things to see and do, what I like the most and what I least like, recommendations for eating and sleeping and trendy neighborhoods. You dare?

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Faith of errors: I confess a small lapse in the podcast: the “mythical” scene of The untouchables of Elliot Ness It was not filmed in Grand Central in New York but in Union Station in Chicago. Apologies are in advance. And by the way: The Edge has already opened and is open to the public.



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