New York Bets on Community Youth Programs as a Way to Combat Increased Violence | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

nutritionists, who will give ustips on the newgood food.victor: leaders and members ofthe community gave today fordemand solutions beforeincrease in armed violence.They seek funds so that thepatrol be aware of thehouses.focus further on problemsrelated to youth,one of the groups áspunished.mariela santana shows usHow the programs work.mariela: joé walks likefree man, but there could belost his life when fallingtaken.>> thank god I crashedwith that stone and I learned a lot.mariela: the bad together thatcontributed to the increase ofviolence.>> talk about the error andwhat was your mistake?>> they grabbed me with a gunfire on December 21.They caught me for falling with thetogether, by some friends.mariela: they could have given you 5years of arcel, but aprogram salted it.a mural painted by themthemselves that it is therapeuticpositively remember yourneighborhoods, their houses and theirschools.gangs have shown theirtenacles in this pandemic.>> there is potential for violence,familiar falls and there is nomentors in families, nothere are programs that can help.mariela: with a game ofchips, rehabilitate youresteem.joé did videogames>> help me to least i can last a whilequiet chatting.mariela: the shootingsincreased from 1,157 to 1,193 fromlast year on the same date.It is not that of programs likethis give us working.>> these programs areworking hard.some problem with the programsonce they are lostworkers.mariela: now they can changeclosures in city fundsand the state.this is one of the asdangerous southwesternbronx after afternoonthe problems begindrug addict, possession of weapons.precisely for that reason today, theGovernor Hochul announced that$ 16,000,000 will be investedto eradicate violence withthese that these places are notlose their family charm.joé handsome he has not lostits charm.

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