New York Attorney General to Investigate Governor for Harassment

In the picture, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. EFE / James Keviom / Archive

New York, Mar 1 (EFE) .- The office of the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, on Monday gave the green light to the state attorney general, Letitia James, to investigate the accusations of sexual harassment made by two women against him. Democratic politician.
James announced that he has received an official letter giving his team “the authority to advance an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment filed against Governor Cuomo.”
“This is not a responsibility that we take lightly, as allegations of sexual harassment must always be taken seriously. As indicated in the letter, upon completion of the review, the findings will be disclosed in a public report,” said the prosecutor in a statement.
The announcement comes after James spoke out against a proposal by Cuomo on Sunday, which had suggested that a former federal judge take over the investigation, and underscored that the law requires her office to handle it. type of cases.
The New York governor has recently been accused by two former aides, who claim that the politician harassed them when they work with him.
The first complaint was from Lindsey Boylan, Cuomo’s former adviser and current candidate for president of the borough of Manhattan, who assured that he harassed her on several occasions between 2016 and 2018, even giving her an unsolicited kiss on the lips.
Her accusations were joined this weekend by Charlotte Bennett, who was a health policy adviser until last November and who told The New York Times that the governor asked her if she was monogamous and if she had ever had relationships with men. greater.
The 25-year-old former adviser said the 63-year-old governor indicated that he was open to having relationships with women her age, which she interpreted as clear proposals for a sexual relationship.
“I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me and I felt terribly uncomfortable and scared and I was wondering how I was going to get out of that and I assumed it was the end of my job,” Bennett told the newspaper.
Cuomo has so far denied the harassment allegations, but publicly apologized on Sunday, claiming that “some things” he said “could be misinterpreted as unwanted flirting.”
The politician pointed out that he usually makes jokes and humorous comments with his collaborators and pointed out that, now, he is aware that given his position some of them may be too personal or not very sensitive.
“To the extent that anyone has felt this way, I am really sorry,” Cuomo said in a statement, in which he stressed that he has never touched anyone inappropriately.
This Monday, however, Bennett stressed that the governor still does not “acknowledge or assume responsibility for his predatory behavior” and encouraged other women with similar experiences with him to report.
The allegations have left the popular Cuomo in a difficult political situation, with some members of his party urging that he be fully investigated or calling for his resignation.

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