New York and New Jersey Governors Seek Alternatives to Vaccine Shortage | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

the new york government asksto vaccines directly, withoutgovernment interventionfederal.Isabel extended us.isabel: in the midst of scarcityof vaccines for covid19. hegovernor asked pfizer toallow new york tobuy in doses directlyto the compía. pfizer said thatis willing to collaborate withthe vaccine, but before thishad to be approved by theHealth Department.there are many people who needvaccinations as the governor hassaid we can’t wait in thestates federal reserveunited, because it will delay those ofseven months.the governor reported theopening eight sites forcarry out the vaccination.vaccination in somehospitals is still someconcern, due tonumber of workershealth that avoids getting vaccinated.we can place the vaccineswithout problems and without fear.isabel: in new jersey they showedlike a number of old menreceived his vaccine without anykind of jersey hopes to receive wingsthan 5000 vaccines for covid19.the governor suggested placingas a priority to peoplewho are smokers forgive them the vaccinecovid19.the vaccines ran out.isabel: until monday new yorkhas applied up to 1,000,000 of

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