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Eric Adams, Mayor of New York.

The city of NY has 83 hotels designed to house migrants newcomers to the city while they process their documents and look for work, said the mayor Eric Adamswho said that there are also 5 centers of humanitarian assistance for the same purpose.

The hotels are of various categories, some of them even somewhat luxurious, such as the Holiday Inn in the Financial District, overlooking the Hudson Riverwhich will soon open as a hotel for migrantssaid the mayor.

The hotel has 492 rooms where families composed of adults and single women will stay, since unaccompanied men are usually sent outside the hotels, to the assistance centers o hostels.

According to the mayor, more than 44,000 immigrantsmostly Venezuelans, have come to NY in the last 10 months, crowding the public sheltersso the city has had to resort to renting hotel rooms to provide them with shelter, as well as meals and legal services, among other help.

today, EFE was able to verify that the emigrants they go from the hotels where they are staying to the bus station of Port Authoritywhere they are provided with clothing, footwear and bags of food, generally provided by ONGalthough the operation is supervised and controlled by municipal officials.

Most of the immigrants They have arrived on buses sent by the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg AbbottAlthough some have done it on their own.

This incessant flow of adults and children – who are required by law to provide shelter – and who hope to obtain asylum in the country, has caused a humanitarian crisis and economy that led Adams to declare the state of emergency and request urgent help from the federal and state governments.

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Some are choosing to leave NY for other destinations, including Canadawhere the flow has increased in recent days, supported by the municipal administration, which facilitates the trip for all those who want to leave the city.

“We continue to comply with all our moral obligationsserving those who arrive with dignity and care, but we continue to urgently need additional support from our federal partners, including a real decompression strategy to stem this influx,” Adams reiterated today.

The fifth Humanitarian Emergency Response and Aid Center was temporarily opened in a cruise terminal in the county of Brooklynand it has been the reason for complaints by immigrants who denounced there was no heating, it was far away and it had few bathrooms.

With information and image from EFE

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