New York: 74 bridges under surveillance in Suffolk County

Dynamic Infrastructure uses artificial intelligence (AI) to maintain 74 bridges located in Suffolk County, near New York (USA).

Based in New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv, the start-up Dynamic Infrastructure is expanding its pilot project with the Suffolk County Public Works Department in New York. It provides for the use of the world’s first solution allowing bridge and tunnel managers to obtain a visual diagnosis of the assets they manage in order to reduce maintenance costs.

After the successful completion of a pilot project, the partners agreed to expand the use of AI-based technology to 74 bridges in the county on the eastern end of Long Island. The deployment of the technology is currently underway.

Dynamic Infrastructure is currently carrying out projects in other states of the United States, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Israel with private and public transport organizations. The company’s clients operate a total of 30,000 assets, and work in transportation, public-private partnerships (PPP) and the private sector.

“Our goal is to apply our technology to the entire asset inventory by the second quarter of 2021,” said Saar Dickman, co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Infrastructure. Suffolk County is a good example of the overall infrastructure situation in the United States. As a reminder, the Federal Highway Administration estimates that about 30% of all bridges are in precarious or poor condition.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, which assesses and publishes a report on American infrastructure every four years, the country’s heritage has been given a D + rating and more than 56,000 bridges have been classified as “ structurally deficient.

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The goal of this deployment in Suffolk County is to enable its public works department to better coordinate and make the right decisions by prioritizing the maintenance of its assets.

« The system allows any operator, inspector or maintenance engineer to access leading information to decide when and how maintenance projects should be carried out. Professionals are instantly alerted to anomalies Said Kevin Reigrut, board member of Dynamic Infrastructure and former executive director of the Maryland Transportation Authority.

The artificial intelligence-based SaaS solution continuously processes old and current inspection reports and snapshots, identifying risks and failures. The technology provides live, cloud-based risk analysis of any bridge or tunnel and automatically alerts when changes appear in the structure.

The platform creates a “visual medical record” for each asset, based on existing images taken from past and current inspection reports and interim inspections. Visual analysis can be performed via smartphones, drones or 3D survey.


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